All new students must sign a waiver prior to participating in a class. You MUST use your legal name on your waiver, you may be asked to provide ID as reference. All new students must fill out a Par-Q form. And may be required to complete a ePar-Med X form and get a doctor’s signature.  Please advise us of any injuries, ailments, disabilities, high blood pressure, or pregnancy.

All students signed up for classes MUST participate in class, NO SPECTATORS.  All participants must be 18 years of age or older.

Class schedule is subject to change based on instructor availability.

Registering for Class

To secure a spot for pole fitness class, you MUST register/book in online for that class. There are limited spaces available for every class and unless you register/book in for that class. We cannot guarantee you a spot.


Class fees must be paid prior to class unless otherwise agreed upon. Should a payment be late/missed a payment request will be sent via Paypal. We currently accept credit, debit, cash, e-transfers and payment through Paypal. Prices are subject to change without notification.

Lateness and Missed Classes

Do NOT be late. The warm up is an important part of class, designed to get your muscles warm and ready prior to pole fitness class to prevent injury. If you are more than 10 minutes late you may join the class AFTER a thorough self-lead warmup, come in without disrupting the class. You should be dressed and ready to start your session at the scheduled time. We suggest you arrive 5-10 minutes before class. We ask you to respect both the instructors and other students by showing up on time.

If you do not show up for a class and do not cancel with 24 hours’ notice, it will be considered a no-show. No refund will be given. Failure to show up for your booking will result in your payment being forfeited, no exceptions. There will be no time extensions for late arrivals.

*Please see next section regarding policies on private classes*

Rescheduling and Cancellations

Public Classes

To reschedule you must give at least 24 hours’ notice before the start of class.

All cancellations must be given at least 24 hours prior to the start of class. If you cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice your payment will be forfeited, non-refundable, no exceptions. Cancellation policy is in effect regardless of payment method, including gift certificates.

Private Classes

To reschedule you must give at least 72 hours’ notice before the start of class

All cancellations must be given with at least 72 hours prior to the start of class. If you cancel with less than 72 hours’ notice your payment will be forfeited, non-refundable no exceptions.  Cancellation policy is in effect regardless of payment method or plan, including gift certificates.

 Failure to show up for your booking will result in your payment being forfeited, no exceptions. Your booking will start and end at your reserved designated time. There will be no time extensions for late arrivals. Arrivals later than 10 minutes will be considered cancelled and your payment will be forfeited, non-refundable, no exceptions.

Open Pole

Participants must have previously taken a minimum of 3 classes and be continually working on improving their skills under some guidance other than YouTube, Instagram etc. Open pole is a supervised (not instructed) self-guided session. Do not ask for instruction, spotting or pointers. If you are looking for instruction we suggest you book one of our instructed classes. Prior to your first open pole session you must fill out an open pole agreement.

Attire and Behaviour

Please wear appropriate fitness attire. A sports bra, and form fitting tank top and shorts are preferred. T-shirt and capris are suitable for only your first few classes. Please note underwear are NOT appropriate bottoms for class, shorts or capris must be worn. Clothing may NOT have any metal (ie. zippers, buttons, rings etc.)

You MUST REMOVE ALL rings, bracelets, necklaces, watches, etc. before class to avoid damage to the poles and your jewelry.

No lotions/creams/oils etc. on the day of class. These products can make the pole slippery and affect your grip. Both of which are dangerous.

Please remove your shoes at the front. No shoes/heels are permitted.

Clean and properly store any equipment used.

Do NOT attempt any poses, holds, inverts etc. without prior direction from an instructor. Attempting a move before you’re ready can cause serious injury. Please respect the instructor and only perform moves as instructed. Failure to follow instruction may result in removal from class. In addition, participants are strictly prohibited from spotting one another. Wait for the instructor to assist you.

We do not tolerate bullying, harassment, or disrespectful behaviour of any kind directed at either instructors or students. Such behaviour will result in removal from class and you may not be welcome back. This is a safe, inclusive, judgement free space for people of all fitness levels to work out and feel good in their body.

Personal Items

We have a storage area for you to temporarily store your items. Mountain Valley Pole Fitness is not responsible for items left at studio.

Pictures, Videos and Cellphones

Taking pictures and videos is allowed and encouraged to see your progress and help you improve your skills. Please respect other students’ privacy and only film yourself unless you have explicit permission of others.

Although we love you to document your progress we ask that you ONLY use your phone during free pole towards the end of class. Have your phone on silent/vibrate. Please respect your instructor and fellow students and leave your phone conversations (and texting) outside of class.

Food and Drink

With the exception of water, no food or beverages are allowed during class.

Alcohol/Drug Policy

Alcohol and drugs are prohibited at all times, this includes prior to class. Anyone that arrives intoxicated/under the influence will NOT be allowed to participate. Mountain Valley Pole Fitness has the right to refuse to allow in, or ask to leave, anyone that appears under the influence of drugs or alcohol with NO refund.