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We proudly carry the following brands
Available for purchase in studio

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Cleo The Hurricane
Pole Wear

From Pole Studio to Stage. Rocker Glam Pole Wear for women who want to shine! Based in California, Cleo The Hurricane brings you sexy and functional pole dance apparel for babes who rock!

Rarr Designs logo.jpg

Rarr Designs
Pole Wear

Australian active wear brand Rarr was created when they were looking for quality, fun, inspiring active wear for alternative women's fitness activities like pole dancing and aerial clothing. 

Rarr is specifically designed to flatter the female body and compliment a fast paced lifestyle and fitness activities. 

Little Paper Forest

Pole Dancing Pins 

Nikkie Stinchcombe is an illustrator based in Toronto. 

Part of her work includes creating fantastic pole dancing pins, charms, and keyrings. 

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Holy Grip
Rapid Traction

You strive to progress with your fitness, why shouldn't your grip? Holy Grip Rapid Traction is designed to counteract sweat before it occurs while repelling humidity accumulated from the environment you're working in. 

Leaving you with an absolute sheer amount of 'tack' so you can securely climb, hold, and drop to your hearts content with one application!

Rapid Traction Ultra Strength is lab tested and formulated for all skin types! 

  • Effectively prevents sweat, repels moisture, and dries clear leaving you with an enhanced grip to elevate your lift game.

  • Kaolin Clay provides just enough 'tack' to support a heavy lift or a hold with zero slip. 

  • Apply a small amount to anchor points, and allow to set for 30 seconds prior to use.

  • Proudly made in Canada 🍁

  • Vegan Friendly

  • TSA Approved - Perfect to travel internationally!

Other Products 

Please note we earn a small percentage of your purchase when you choose to complete an order through us, the following links or use one of our codes. 

x pole Auth Dealer logo.jpg


X Pole equipment is used all over the world in homes, studios (including ours) and competitions.  Are you looking to get a pole or aerial equipment? Contact us today and we'll get you set up!

Lupit Pole

We believe in moving the bounds already reached: constantly improving Lupit Pole products we create a Brand we are proud of!

We listen: our partners, professional pole athletes & pole dancers are actively involved in the development process. Furthermore, we put customer satisfaction at the center of all our activities. Regular contact with key customers is what counts.

Lupit carries a variety of products including poles, mats and more!

Use code: 'Vally5' to receive 5% off

Shoe Freaks

Pole Heels

Serving you rebellious realness since 2014, shoefreaks is footwear for the nonconformist.

Proudly based in the notoriously sinful city of Montreal Canada.

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