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  • You are responsible for the upkeep and proper installment of your equipment

  • Every participate must pay in order to attend. Cost is per person not household/camera/computer. Payment is required before booking starts.

  • As spotting isn't an option any moves in which you require spotting will not taught/practiced during virtual classes

  • You are responsible for being on time

  • You are responsible for making sure your computer/phone/camera is working prior to your lesson

  • You may not have someone else viewing the class unless they have paid and are participating. No lookey lous/audience.  

  • No recording/pictures without permission.

  • Standard M.V.P.F. policies are in effect, including cancellation and rescheduling policies,  where applicable and virtual class polices do not supersede.

Agree to Disclaimer

Any fitness activity can pose some potential risks to health. To reduce and avoid injury, a doctor should be consulted before beginning any exercise program. Be sure that the area within which you will exercise is appropriate for physical exertion. When you utilize Mountain Valley Pole Fitness / Jasmine Burrows videos and/or participate in virtual classes, you are performing exercises at your own risk. Mountain Valley Pole Fitness / Jasmine Burrows will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of your participation. If you experience any nausea, shortness of breath, feeling of lightheadedness, irregular heartbeat or other health concerns, cease exercise immediately and seek assistance from a doctor.

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